Plum Turtle Coaching

What is the impact you want to have in the world? From family, to community, to the world at large, Highly Sensitive People have dreams for how things can be:

  1. for relationships based in compassion

  2. for communities to be more connected

  3. for art, beauty, and harmony to be more pervasive

  4. for decision makers to be aligned with a higher purpose

  5. for healing on both small and large scales

and many more...

I believe that HSPs are here to make these things happen. We have the heart and wisdom to lead others in making these dreams reality.

HSPs have our own formula for success which calls upon our innate skills including intuition, compassion, and collaboration. I am here to help you step fully into your life, into your gifts, and into the world.

I provide coaching, leadership training, as well as customized classes and speaking engagements to help not only Highly Sensitive People live in the world, but to help the world see and value the rich contributes we have to make.

Thriving in the World

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Download the introductory handbook to learn about HSP and take a self-assessment to gauge your own level of sensitivity.

  1. HSP_Intro_Handbook 2017.pdf

Helping Highly Sensitive People Thrive at Work , in Life, and as Leaders in the World